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The Four Kinds of Sellers

We’ve all had a bad salesperson experience.

From being jumped on as you enter a store (leaving with unwanted steak knives) to being completely ignored. Chances are, we’ve shared that experience with family, on social media, or maybe even left a scathing online review.

So, how do you ensure your customers have a great experience and rave about it to everyone? Teach them how to be the right kind of sellers.

There are four kinds of seller:

  1. The Order Taker.

  2. The Product Pusher.

  3. The Overseller.

  4. The Problem Solver.

The Order Taker waits for you to come to them.

Not proactive or engaging in nature, they’ll be waiting for you to drive the sale. This is hardly selling. Perhaps appropriate if you own a small coffee shop, but even then, your people must engage and delight your customer to maximise the sale outcome.

The Product Pusher tries to sell everything at once.

Not really interested in customer needs, they’re trying to sell as much as they can, by any means. This can scare off customers or lead to buyer regret, potentially causing brand damage.

The Oversellers will say absolutely anything to make a sale, regardless of whether it’s true.

The Overseller doesn’t care about customer needs or building relationships, causing inflated product expectations and disappointment. This will damage your reputation and could result in legal action for misleading customers.

The Problem Solver identifies and solves customers’ problems.

They ask questions, listen attentively and offer solutions in the form of your products or services. They build trust, show empathy, and create enduring customer relationships. This is sustainable selling as it’s six times cheaper to sell to an existing customer, and the value of a relationship goes up over time.

Your sales team must be Problem Solvers.

Statistically, customers tell 10-20 people about a bad experience but only 2-3 people if they have a good one. A bad experience with a salesperson can put a customer off your business forever, and they’ll probably taint your business for others.

It’s crucial to upskill your sales team and clarify your expectations to ensure they approach customers from a place of helping.

We can help you empower your sales team to be Problem Solver sellers who ask the right questions and clearly articulate the value of your offerings, so the customer wants to buy and has an awesome experience.

Get in touch to find out more!

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